Hi. My name is Kathy.

I’m a former cubicle jockey.

(That’s probably pretty obvious.)

CAW began as a way for me to find humor in the follies of my day job. What started as my own personal coping mechanism grew into a 5-day-a-week comic on social media. Pretty soon, people were discovering Cats@Work, LOL’ing to it with their morning coffee, and sharing it with their friends. With comments such as “This is ME!” or “This is YOU!”, it became clear to me that most everyone could relate to Cats@Work in some way, whether they worked in an office or not.

If you can’t function without your morning coffee, if your co-workers can drive you nuts, if deadlines sometimes rule your life, Cats@Work is more than just a comic, it’s therapy! The zippy, snarky humor paired with these bold, hilarious cats with deadpan expressions and in-your-face proclamations encourages ALL of us to laugh at our jobs, and to laugh at ourselves in the process.

I hope that Cats@Work adds a jolt of catty office humor and dry wit to your daily grind EVERY day, not just Monday through Friday. You should DEFINITELY laugh at your job, and Cats@Work gives you permission to do so! (Just keep it hidden from your boss! I don’t want you to get in trouble!)