Cats@Work: Laugh at your job!

Cats@Work. Laugh at your job!

I have some pretty big news! This is something I’ve kept pretty much off the grid (unless you’ve been paying reeeally close attention at my Instagram feed over the past couple years or so). I have just launched Cats@Work: it’s a character world, a one-panel funny where you can laugh at cubicle life with a bunch of kooky office-dwelling cats.

C@W has been living in my head for years now. At some point, it (…they?) started clawing at me to be set free into the world… first, it was just some light paw taps… but THEN, they started using me as a scratching post! (OUCH!) Well, recently there was a moment where I just felt like, I just HAD to do it… And I just HAD to do it NOW. So I did. (It is MY job, after all, to follow my creative inspiration, right?)

So… I just launched Cats@Work today… Woo Hoo! Now there’s Cats@Work social media for almost every type of, umm,”social media consumption”. ^__^ Well, except for Google+. But besides that, I think I’ve pretty much covered the bases.

Facebook Page (new posts go here first)
Tumblr (second)
Instagram (second)
Twitter  (second)
Flickr (last)

Please, please, PLEASE Follow, Like, Pin + Repin, Heart, Share, Tag and hashtag (#kwcatsatwork) to your hearts’ content. I TOTALLY LOVE YOU for it, I seriously can’t tell you how much I appreciate the support. It’s been amazing so far when I pre-announced the C@W news on my regular FB Page and by the time I launched today I had about 70 likes already! Now THAT is some AMAZING support!! 🙂  And now that C@W had finally launched, I just want it to grow like an out-of-control office plant.

It’s really weird starting something new. It’s a little scary but it feels really GOOD, too… Honestly, I felt like I HAD to jump into this with both feet, or risk being miserable (and very clawed up-thanks, cats!) inside. I just gotta share these cats and this humor with you! I can’t help it. Call me obsessed. Hey, there is something truly GREAT and EMPOWERING about laughing at life’s silly, sometimes annoying moments… making lemons out of lemonade and laughing… making light and humor from those little grumpy minutes that EVERYONE can relate to! 🙂 And I think Cats@Work REALLY captures that, AND it ALSO captures it in my OWN voice. 🙂 ^_^

I HOPE you will join me and the Cats@Work!!  ^__^