Cats@Work Mugs

Going, going, gone

Hey there! Hope you’re doing great! So, I have some Cats@Work news. I posted it to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and IG, but I wanted to make sure YOU, my TRUSTY BLOG READERS, are ALSO in-the-know, in case you aren’t visiting those other places! If you love/want/need a Cats@Work mug and you’ve been holding out, NOW is the time to grab it. These beloved grumpy-pants kitty cats-on-mugs are going on a little holiday and I don’t know when they will be returning. (I promise this is for a GOOD cause!) The specific end date of the Mug shop as it stands today is not clear. What I DO know is that it will be, without a doubt, Soon. Very soon. Very, very soon. Possibly-tomorrow-or-the-next-day soon. So, if your inner Cat@Work is clawing for one of the currently available mug designs, please act now, or hold your tail. ^__^ (If you’re on your desktop or laptop, you can click on the MUGS button on the Facebook page. If you’re on your cell phone or just prefer to visit the shop off Facebook, please go to at instead ).

This has been a Cats@Work Public Service Announcement. ^__^ THANK YOU for reading.