A couple of weeks ago, I asked you a Very Important Question…  I was curious about your level of interest in a potential Cats@Work 2015 Calendar. Well, I heard you loud and clear, the answer was a resounding “YES” (Thank God! I think I would have been a little sad if it wasn’t.)  But really, from the moment I even posted the question, I knew it was something I wanted to— okay, okay, I had to— offer to the Cats@Work community. Hey, you all make me smile every single day. Since Cats@work seems to really spread the good humor and laughs all around… and it seems like we all need that more and more these days.… it was kind of a no-brainer there.

It was a lofty goal to put together a calendar in such a tight time frame, so there was no time to waste. I figured out what my budget was, and then I worked from there, trying to balance all of the things I wanted to accomplish with the calendar…

• A big visual “pow” in a smaller amount of space
• high quality printing at a nice price for everyone
• happy hidden surprises (check out some of the holidays)
• EXTRA added value for you (bonus art! 14 complete panels of Cats@Work art in a 12-month calendar!)


Designing it took longer than I thought. The farther I got in the process the more I discovered about what I would want to look at on my wall for a month, what would make me laugh, what elements do I appreciate most in a calendar… Well… Ta-da! I am really proud of the calendar! And it is now being printed! And the calendar pre-order is now LIVE!

>> Buy your Cats@Work 2015 Calendar here 

Why I decided to do a pre-order: There is no time to waste between now and the holidays, so to allow me more time to sell them, you can buy one now while they’re being printed, and then I can ship it when it gets here. Another consideration was that a print job is not cheap to pay up-front for. So taking pre-orders again allows me more of a window of time to sell the calendar and to recoup the money I invested on creating on producing them. It will also allow you a longer lead time to purchase the calendar!

To see all pre-order details and to pre-order your own calendar, visit >>  the Calendar listing here.

Thank you for reading, and THANK YOU SO MUCH to the Cats@Work community for always being so enthusiastic about Cats@Work! It truly makes my day, EVERY DAY. Not just Monday through Friday, but EVERY SINGLE day!