I would love to hear your thoughts on this hypothetical question: Would you be interested in a Cats@Work 2015 calendar?

•This would be a self-published calendar
•The cost would be about $25 per calendar EDITED TO ADD: at this point I’m investigating a few options in order to keep the calendar at a price point most favorable to the largest number of Cats Fans without sacrificing the quality that we demand and you deserve! ^__^
•The stock would be 100 lb. gloss stock paper from environmentally sustainable forests. (This is a nice, heavy stock— you could use the pages as wall art later!) will depend on factors as yet To be determined.
• The printing process is waterless and conserves trees, reduces air pollution, saves water and decreases waste
Same deal; depends on the final vendor/product/ process

I’d love it if you’d chime in on the poll and I’d double love it if you’d comment below if you have any questions, concerns, feedback or ideas.
Thanks!! ^__^