Hi ho! If you’ve seen photos from the Atlanta show in January, and if you’ve seen some of my Surtex photos on Instagram or Facebook, then you are pretty clued into the impending release of the Enesco Cats@Work collection! Yes, gift leader Enesco and myself have partnered to bring you the FIRST product launch of ANY licensed Cats@Work collection, and it could NOT be SWEETER!! The first products are now available in stores and on YES!!! This is a BIG deal for me, and I’ll tell you why.

Products which my art is licensed on are not always readily available to purchase online. I know this seems a little backwards and hard to understand, but it is true. I can always carry them myself and sell them in my online shop*, and ship to you direct from my studio. But, being a one-person operation, with a tiny studio, and lots and lots of work to do, let alone a day job, it is more challenging for me to initially set up to do this (though luckily I do have a post office two blocks away!) This is exactly what prompted me to start offering the Yoga Pals collection myself, directly from me to you. So you can just go to my shop for your Yoga Pals fix, instead of trying to hunt it down online! (YAY TEAM!)

(* I have a separate online shop for hand lettering and quote art. That shop is on Etsy. You can see an initial page of that shop by clicking the link on the horizontal bar above, labeled “Shop Lettering Art”, or, you can go direct to the Etsy shop by clicking here.)

So as you can well imagine, it can be a really big drag if I have a product launch that I’m super proud of and excited about…. and THEN – WAH-WAH –  I cannot offer you any easy, quick, safe and trusted online options to purchase the products from! So, these are all of the reasons why I am SO VERY VERY excited that the Memo Cubes and Mugs are now available to you on, a vendor that you already know and have trust in, for years and years over!

I am also extremely proud and stoked to share that many many retailers across the nation are carrying the line in their gift shops, hospital shops and the like! Big news is that Cats@Work is now available in many, many, MANY Hallmark brand gift stores! How fabulous, how amazing, and what a dream come true for me and these little grumpy cats that could! (If you happen to see a display, please snap a pic for me! I’d be thrilled to see it!)

I will also be stocking the Cats@Work Store here on my web site, in the very near future. I’ll be stocking licensed products, but,  some of the stuff I will be offering will be EXCLUSIVE to my official Cats@Work Store! So stay tuned for that! I’ll let you know when that is happening via my Cats@Work email newsletter (sign up here and make sure to click off the Cats@Work box).

Click on any image in this post to bring you to Amazon to see the selection of mugs (above) or memo cubes (below).


Ohmigosh — HOW could I forget to share THIS piece of directly-related news! I am hosting a Mug Giveaway on Instagram RIGHT this very MINUTE! Just go to the Instagram account for @kathywellerart or @catsatwork , find the green “Win A Mug” image shown below on the photo feed (it’s down a few rows, but it is there!) , and follow all of the instructions to be entered to WIN yourself a mug of your choice AND a mug for EACH of THREE friends!! What are you waiting for? Hurry and enter NOW! Contest ends at 8:59 pm on Tuesday, June 9th.

…MORE to come!! Stay tuned!! And THANK YOU SO MUCH for your support!! 😀