(Guess what?)


There are SIX ALL NEW birthday card designs in the Cats@Work shop!These cards are super funny and cute and there is a humorous “tone” here to fit any coworker – from snarky to sweet to sardonic.

I wanted to share these with you, but then I thought…

“There’s been THREE different releases of Cats@Work cards! …Confusing much?”

Well, each separate card  release is a little bit different in it’s own special way.

Today, I’m gonna point out the distinct differences for you!

Here we go…

The Legacy Publishing Cats@Work greeting card line

These are a nice, big, generous size of 5x7. The design of the cards are generally very similar to the Cats panels— a white background, like Cats panels have, but with the addition of a colored border. Usually the color border follows into the interior of the card, along with a little icon (and hand-lettering of course, like all of the cards have!) The designs and sentiments are straight based on Cats@Work funny panels, but the inside sentiment is added to make it an occasion-based card. It coordinates well with the outside sentiment! There’s several sentiments to choose from: “encouragement/hang in there”, “get well”, “retirement”, “friendship” and “birthday” (I may be missing one or two as well). These cards come with a super cute, LIGHT BLUE envelope in a custom design featuring the main Cats@Work cat and the logo!

Cats@Work “Colorful Cards”

This is the name of the first release cards that I first self-published last year. These are A2 size cards. These all have solid color backgrounds on the outside, often with polka dots, and snarky sentiments inside (see photos). They are really snazzy and sharp. There was a total of six designs total when I launched them, but today, I’m only offering two of the designs —the two most popular cards from the group. They’re both “Good-Bye” cards, and they’re both snarky as snarky can be. Plus, they are similarly colored, which is kind of an interesting coincidence… Anyway! These Colorful Cards come with a colorful envelope. I print these in my studio on my Epson printer. They are posh.


The latest release are BIRTHDAY! These are brand-to-the-new. These are also self-published, however, instead of printing in my studio, I outsourced these cards. There are six designs, A2 in size. The group of six hits all the tones: snarky, sweet and sardonic card sentiments! (There is a photo to the right, which shows all of the cards.) The “voice” is very authentic to the daily comic, but they’re specific to Birthday. (If you put the daily comic into a blender with OFFICE BIRTHDAY, THIS is the delicious smoothie you’d get!) These have a glossy outside, and a matte inside. These also come with a colorful envelope. I really love these so much.

I hope you enjoyed this glossary of Cats@Work cards!We are here to SERVE our cubicle dweller friends, in your time of need!! You can see all available cards in the shop