The first Cats@Work coloring book ever!

I’m so excited to release the Cats@Work Coloring Book Volume One. It’s chock-full of catty office humor with 37 creative coloring pages, so you can get your office therapy and your coloring therapy in one place! (See? You’re multi-tasking, even when coloring! You deserve a raise…)

I’ve been wanting to offer a Cats@Work coloring book to you for a long time. Now you can laugh at your job in the most COLORFUL, FUNNY and CREATIVE way, 24/7 instead of just 9-to-5!

Book specs:
• 8.5x11″ soft cover
• color cover, b/w interior
• 60# white paper
• 37 coloring pages in 8 CAT-egories: “Coffee Vibes”, “Cattitude”, “Work-Life Balance”, “I Just Work Here”, “Lookin’ Good”, “Overworked”, “Monday Mood” and “I’m Awesome”
• 100 total pages
• ISBN-13: 978-1535130844

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